Relationships are complicated and tricky to navigate. When you’re stuck or have a question, you can always turn to Dan.

The Internet is also complicated and tricky to navigate. Here are answers to some common Qs about Savage.Love.

What is Savage.Love? 

Savage.Love is home to all things Savage. Whether you want to check out 30+ years worth of “Savage Love,” listen to the groundbreaking and award-winning “Savage Lovecast,” or ask that question you’ve been too afraid to ask anyone, you’ll find it all here.

Savage.Love is a community. Dan has the best readers, listeners, and fans in the world, and they’re some of the most open-minded, empathetic, and fun people on the planet.

And the best part? DAN. IS. HERE. He’s in your ears, on your screens, and all over the message boards. Savage.Love is his home as much as it is yours. It’s basically an ever-growing kitchen-table policule!

What’s a Magnum sub?

Magnum Subs are the most dedicated supporters of Savage Love and the Savage Lovecast!

Magnum Sub get exclusive access to Dan’s complete weekly sex-advice column, the ad-free Magnum Lovecast, the Sex & Politics podcast, regular online meetups with Dan and AMAs, and much, much more.

YOU can become a sub today on our membership page! We have a month-to-month plan – if you want to check out the vibes first – as well as a yearly plan.

You can also gift a Magnum sub membership to your friends and family. (If your dad’s curious about “pegging” and you want him to ask Dan about it and not you, gift him a Magnum Sub!)

The rest of the Magnum perks sound great, but I have never – and will never – learn what a podcast is. Can I just get access to the column please? 

You can get a discounted “column-only” subscription here.

I would really like to be a Magnum sub but can’t afford it right now. What should I do? 

We don’t want a financial concern to hinder anyone who wants to get involved on Savage.Love. Send us a message at info@savage.love and we’ll figure it out!

I want to keep reading and listening for FREE.

You can! The Savage Lovecast: Micro Edition has always been free and still is! You can listen to the last year’s worth of episodes right here on Savage.Love. And the short version of Dan’s weekly column — with at least one great Q, one great A — is available every Tuesday right here!

I want Dan to answer my sex / relationship question. How can I get it to him? 

There are a few ways to get your question to Dan.

Record it for the LOVECAST: Need to lay out the whole situation like you’re venting to your BFF? Call 206-302-2064, and rant away.

Send Dan a letter for the COLUMN: a wants to read all the details, of course, but he may have to edit your letter down to fit. Send your question to mailbox@savage.love.

Become a Magnum Sub and get an invite to the SAVAGE LOVE LIVE: Dan hangs with Magnum Subs on his livestream, where you get to submit questions and talk directly to Dan. Become a Magnum Sub and you’ll get the link to the livestream in your inbox!

Does my question have to be about sex or relationships? Does Dan take questions about baking, decorating, beekeeping, elections, and HOUSE OF THE DRAGON?

Become a Magnum Sub and join Dan for an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) where you can… wait for it… ask Dan anything (including that timely relationship conundrum that you need answered NOW.)

Okay, I sent Dan my question! Now what? 

Keep your eyes on Savage Love and ears on the Savage Lovecast. He gets a ton of questions and messages, so we can’t guarantee he’ll get to it. But he will try!

Press requests?

Send us an e-mail to info@savage.love.

I’m having an issue with the site. Help!

Never fear! The Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth (or TSARY) is here! Send them your concerns and suggestions at support@savagelovecast.com.

You don’t have to be nice to them. Dan certainly isn’t!

Wait. Who are the “Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth?” What are they at-risk of? Are they in danger??

We don’t know. But you can ask them on Twitter.