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The complicated nature of abusive relationships.

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The complicated nature of abusive relationships: Dan speaks with Seattle author Jason Schmidt about his memoir “A List of Things That Didn’t Kill Me,” a raw, honest look at the mix of neglect, abuse and fierce love in his own upbringing. You should buy this book, and then read it. Also, a gay man is about to go to drama school at a conservative Christian college. Should he stay in the closet just long enough to graduate and then begin the lifelong project of exacting his revenge? On the Magnum, a straight man is friends with a transwoman. Once she got her surgery, she’s suddenly super-hot to the caller. Is it time to make a move? And, breast milk: It’s not just for babies anymore! 206-201-2720 This podcast is brought to you by Stamps.com. Click on the microphone and enter “Savage” for $55 free postage and a digital scale. This episode is also brought to you by Harrys.com. Get $5 off your first purchase by entering the code “Dan” when you check out. This episode is also brought to you by Squarespace.com. They make it easy to build a website or blog. Give it a whirl, and if you want to buy it, use the code Savage for a 10% discount and free web domain registration.


Jason Schmidt