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Let’s Play “Spot the Abuser!” with Lynn Fairweather.

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The kinksters have their “aftercare”- time after a rough sexual encounter to reconnect and comfort each other. But what about after casual vanilla sex? A woman wants to instigate an aftercare revolution for all. Dan gently, patiently explains away some men’s rights nonsense to a man incensed at at a fictional “double standard.” On the Magnum, a woman who tends to choose abusive men wonders how she can prevent herself from making this mistake over and over again. Dan brings on Lynn Fairweather, domestic violence consultant, speaker, and author of “Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding, and Escaping Abusive Relationships” to help pick this lock. A caller used to be a terrible person with terrible friends. How can she start over? It starts by calling 206-302-2064


Lynn Fairweather