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With Dr. Wednesday Martin.

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A woman claims that over 90% of the time, her casual hook-ups end with the man orgasming, and she gets…nothing. And then! When she asks for a little reciprocity, these men accuse her of being a demanding princess. Meanwhile, another straight woman loves it when her men say no at first. She loves the chase and her ultimate victory. Is this a kink? Is it something she can work into her long term relationships? On the Magnum, Dan speaks with writer and social researcher Dr. Wednesday Martin, about how women struggle with monogamy. Sometimes we do! And, in yet another shocking upending of our expectations, a woman LOVES to receive dick pics. How can she ask for them, without training these men to send them to every woman they meet? Oh look! It’s a text from that guy I just…god damn it. 206-302-2064


Wednesday Martin