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All About Abortion Medication with Dr. Daniel Grossman.

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Happy New Year? 

Boy oh boy, Dan tells a lot of people to break up on this episode. There’s the gay man with an older boyfriend who might want to go poly despite his boyfriend’s commitment to monogamy. There’s the woman who is finally in a healthy, caring relationship, but it’s booooring. And, there’s the woman whose boyfriend emotionally abuses her and refuses to go to therapy, insisting he will never treat her better. Out with the old, people! Let’s all treat ourselves right in 2022!

On the Magnum, Dan interviews Dr. Daniel Grossman- a professor of obstetrics and gynecology about abortion medication. He explains how the drugs work, the legal situation should Roe V. Wade be struck down and crucially, teaches Dan how to pronounce “ mifepristone.”

Please go to https://abortionfunds.org/ and make a donation this instant. 

And, a masc lesbian would like some lessons on how to properly dominate her girlfriend the way she wants it. The problem is she’s too polite! How can she pretend to be a big mean Dom, when it feels insincere? 


Dr. Daniel Grossman