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My New Boyfriend’s Mom Saw My Nudes.

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It’s pretty much the nightmare scenario. Her new boyfriend gave her a digital picture frame. She mischievously sent him a nude, not knowing that it would post to a whole network of his friends, including his conservative Evangelical Christian mother. She hasn’t met his mother yet. When the day comes, how can she look her in the eye? 

A brave woman has taken up being a Dom to men she meets online. They come to her house and the fun begins. But she hates the awkward chit-chat at the beginning, before they assume their roles. How can she cut to the chase? 

On the Magnum version, a man asks Dan to reconcile the seeming contradiction of the public health mandate to wash one’s hands, with the celebrated practice of eating ass. “Please explain.” Dan brings on Dr. Daniel Summers- pediatrician, and hand-washing advocate to shed light on the situation. 

And, a bisexual man would like to dress more…bisexually. Can anyone help him pick out some threads?


Dr. Daniel Summers



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