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Dan chats with the Perverted Negress.

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Kids today! A woman agrees to give her new lover her used panties. He then reports that his eleven-year old nephew got a hold of them and did unspeakable things with them. What kind of messed up family are we dealing with here? Another kid! Listen to this kid! She’s 18, and her gay co-worker is setting up “dates” between her and his 30 year old friends to have sex with her while he watches. But lest you think he’s a monster, don’t worry- he’s offered to provide the drugs and booze. And over on the Magnum side, a cool interview with Mollena Williams, a.k.a. “The Perverted Negress” on getting started in the kink community. And finally, Dan does what Dan does best: he talks a gay lad into demanding that his bigoted family either accept him as he is, or lose his presence at the Christmas table. And so much more, really.


Mollena Williams