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Lesbian Roller Derby Sleepover, you guys!!

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Is it selfish to have a vasectomy? Lesbian roller derby sleepover! A lesbian couple are hosting a sleepover for the all-girl roller derby team that they coach. Some of the girls are gay, and coupled. Should the girls all sleep in one big dog pile where they can be monitored, or should the couples have their own private suites? A man who blogs about his dating adventures asks if he is morally obliged to tell his dates that they may be written about. On the Magnum version, what should you tell your kids when you’re going to have Thanksgiving with some family members who are in a loving triad? Speaking of triads, Dan works himself into a froth trying to figure out how to help a woman realize her fantasy of sleeping with two men. Will she succeed? Stay tuned… And more! 206-201-2720


Dru Levasseur