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The Tortured Creamed Corn Metaphor.

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A man and his wife have agreed to divorce. But they have to keep living together for 3 more months. Would it be shabby to start sleeping with the hot gal that lives down the block? An 18 year old girl is engaged to be married to a man who she already knows to be sexually incompatible with her. So what’s the problem? Dan chats with Dr. David Sarwer about libido changes following weight-loss surgery. In Magnum-land, a couple embarking on an open relationship disagree on who to tell and how to tell about their new, scandalous status. And, you’re going to want to gather ’round the Thanksgiving table with your entire family and listen to the tale of a woman who went a-snooping and discovered that her sister is in a sugar-baby/sugar daddy relationship. Dan chats with the PR lass at a sugar daddy website about how wholesome and innocent this arrangement must truly be. It warms the heart.


Dr. David Sarwer