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Dad, whose panties are these?

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This episode is riddled with parents creeping out their kids. A man in an established open relationship is horrified to learn that his step-daughter caught him chatting with other ladies. How can he explain to her that he’s playing by the rules? It gets much worse. We won’t reveal all here, but let’s just say that your father might be into panties. And finally in our trilogy of parental distress, how the hell do you tell your kids that your family is…special? Dan brings on poly lawyer Diana Adams to help. Over in Magnumtown… In this week’s “What You Got?” Dan chats with Dr. Arielle Kuperberg about her study showing that if you marry young, you’re more liable to get divorced, duh. A married man and the little lady like to go out on the town and have some sexy time. But he’s not as young as he used to be, and likes to enhance the evening with Viagra. Should he tell her about the Tinkerbell pills? And finally, tattoos: Hot or not?


Dr. Arielle Kuperberg