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Neil Steinberg on tolerance and Charlie Hebdo.

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On this, the week of Dan and Terry’s 20th anniversary, Dan grapples with some tricky, tricky questions: At exactly what point in the dating process would it be polite to disclose that you are already in an open relationship? A woman likes to be thin. Her man prefers a more hefty physique. How can she deal with his compliments if they only come when she feels bad about herself? And, a woman’s boyfriend is losing his hair, and plans to get a buzz cut. But she really likes a head of long, luxurious hair! If he won’t wear a hat or a wig, is it…over? On the Magnum, Dan speaks with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg about tolerance in the wake of Charlie Hebdo. And, a woman’s boyfriend wants to spend a wild weekend in Vegas with his buddies. Fine! But does she really have to do the three hour drive each way to take him to the goddamn airport? Both ways? 206-201-2720


Neil Steinberg