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“It is so ordered.”

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While you and I danced in the streets, Dan was trapped in Australia, where marriage equality is NOT YET LEGAL. Hear his thoughts on the Supreme Court decision. A woman is attractive, accomplished and has big plans. But when potential dates start talking to her, they quickly shut down and move on. What is she doing wrong? Is her grandmother correct that she talks too much? A woman was sexually abused by her mother. Is she obligated to explain this to her 16 year-old son? On the Magnum, Dan speaks with PhD neuroscientist and data scientist Matthew Baggott about the therapeutic uses of MDMA. A.k.a ecstacy,a.k.a. the LOVE DRUG. Does it have a place in your therapists office? And the intro you’ve been waiting for. 206-201-2720


Dr. Matthew Baggott