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The Birth of The Pill.

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“Bark! Bark! Bark!” That’s what a kinky woman’s dog will say when it hears her getting spanked. She worries that this might be a problem, and so, should she maybe not get a dog? A divorced woman is sleeping with the repair man. Her ex-husband is sleeping with their children’s former nanny. Were you just complaining about your life being too complicated? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Jonathan Eig, author The Birth of the Pill. Finally, a man’s girlfriend catches him masturbating to a picture of her friend. And she’s totally cool with it. Just kidding! All hell breaks loose. And! f you really want to enter to win a horrible gun…go here: http://www.steveking.com/cruz-huckabee-jindal-and-santorum-gun-giveaway-2/


Jonathan Eig