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With AIDS activist Peter Staley.

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A stoned gentleman is wracked with guilt for making the dog he’s caring for stop masturbating already! (Maybe he should be hitting the indica rather than the sativa, say the TSARY.) “Virginity is obsolete as a concept,” declares this 20 year-old woman, who is seeing an 18 year-old lad with precious little experience. How can she take care of her little darling and gently guide him to the land of sexual pleasure, honoring the campsite rule? A strident feminist has found a man who can really get her off. The problem is that he is a chauvenist pig! Is it ethical to sleep with the enemy? On the Magnum, Dan and AIDS activist Peter Staley get into a dust-up over PreP and its effect on rising STD rates among gay men. (Don’t worry, they’re still friends.) Get your Savage Lovecast coffee mugs over at www.thestranger.com/savageswag 206-302-2064


Peter Staley