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With DOMA slaying attorney Roberta Kaplan.

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A woman’s husband makes unpleasant sexual innuendos and gropes her right in front of the kids. How can she get him to stop? Are you into puke porn? OMG so am I! Anyway, a very kind hearted, GGG woman wants to help her husband to realize his fantasy of having her throw up on him. But that might not be a healthy kink in the end, right? Dan chats with Cass King of the Wetspots (creators of our fabulous “What You Got?” stinger) about their upcoming burlesque musical. Also, are men becoming more modest in the locker room? Mark Stern from Slate weighs in. On the Magnum, all hail Roberta Kaplan! She is the attorney who brought a welcome end to the despicable Defense of Marriage Act. She comes on the show to help answer a question from a lesbian who is applying for a job which only provides benefits to spouses of the “opposite gender.” Wha? Oh no you din’t. 206-302-2064


Mark Stern