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With Seattle journalist Eli Sanders.

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A man raised fundamentalist Christian has discovered the pleasures of “titty-bars” where he can behold “beautiful boobies.” Now that he’s getting divorced, how soon should he tell the lucky ladies that he plans to date about his marital status? A woman’s boyfriend tells her to be quiet when they are having sex. “Shhhhhh,” he says. How can she get him to cut that shit right out, and also get a little freaky in bed? Dan welcomes Seattle journalist Eli Sanders to discuss his new book, While the City Slept. Eli stuck around in the Magnum to dole out the kind of sex advice you would expect from a couple of homos who have worked side by side for years. A Jewish man is attracted to religious Jewish women. But he is an atheist himself. How can he meet secular Jewish hotties? 206-302-2064


Eli Sanders