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Dan’s response to the Orlando massacre.

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Please listen to Dan’s response to the Orlando massacre. In lighter fare… A 19 year-old bi lass worries that she’ll never get to try ladies if she stays with her monogamous-minded man…forever. Is there any hope for her? A man is about to meet a woman he’s been having phone sex with for the first time. Where he just wants to “bone down,” she’s been talking about moving to his town to start a relationship. How can he proceed with caution in this delicate situation? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Vocative writer Tracy Clark-Flory about the plight of the virtuous pedophile. Also, a man is considering sex work. So long as he keeps himself safe, is this a good idea? Dan chats with sex worker and sex worker’s rights activist Mike Crawford. 206-302-2064


Mike Crawford