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with Rachel Lark

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Oh, that nasty chef! A woman works in a restaurant where her manager is having an affair with the married chef. Sometimes the caller has to serve the chef’s poor innocent wife. It’s so cruel that all the servers are about to revolt. A married man harbors a cuckolding fantasy. He is certain his wife would never-ever be into it. But would she? Also, we couldn’t help but play a couple of Rachel Lark songs, cuz they’re so good. And on the Magnum, have you heard of “Hypersomnia?” A woman can’t keep herself awake, sometimes at inopportune times, and she worries she’ll be taken advantage of. Dan brings on a sleep medicine expert to discuss. Also, a woman who makes a lot of noise during sex, is confused when she gives her boyfriend the best head ever, and he is…perfectly silent.


Dr. Molly Billings