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Love Your Curvy Body! With Elle Chase.

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An open-minded but shy woman has a gaggle of friends who all talk about sticking their fingers in their boyfriends butts to everyone’s delight. But the caller isn’t into it. Is she depriving her boyfriend of this singular pleasure? A woman got a tattoo and felt turned on by the experience. Her husband reaped the benefits of this lust later that night. But is it wrong to secretly perv on her tattoo artist? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Elle Chase, author of “Curvy Girl Sex” about LOVING YOUR BODY, damn it, and some other things too. Like having two very different sized boobs, and the message it sends when you have a dizzying array of sex toys hanging over your bed. This is a delightful conversation and therefore, you should listen to it. Also, a gay man is dating a masculine “thug” type who delivers in bed, but won’t go out on a date in public. Hmmmm.


Elle Chase