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Bi women and weed.

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An anonymous LinkedIn contact has asked a woman if she would be his FinDom. He would give her money every week in a form of submission to her. But he refuses to reveal his identity. Should she take him up on it? Would you? A gay man has an out-of-town friend who is straight, conservative and engaged to be married. But when the caller was checking out gay hook-up apps he discovered his friend there. Should the caller reach out to his closeted friend and let him know he knows? Try to stop the wedding? Offer support? Or pretend he never saw a thing? On the Magnum, did you know that bisexual women are huffin’ and puffin’ that delicious weed way more than straight women? Why would this be? In this “What You Got?” Dan brings on Dr. Morgan Philbin from Columbia University to discuss her research. (For access to this study, Email Dr. Philbin: mp3243@columbia.edu) And, a gay man has been checking out a guy at the gym. Is he gay? Or just working out? Are his smoldering looks being reciprocated? How can he get to the bottom of this sexy mystery?


Dr. Morgan Philbin