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The TRUTH about women’s libido with Dr. Wednesday Martin.

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A man is going through a divorce from his wife of 7 years. Although their breakup was peaceful, now her communication is curt and unfriendly. Is he entitled to feel angry about her unwarranted coldness? A man kindly lent a friend some money. Now she keeps asking him for more and more every month! Should he just set her up with a regular payment, or cut off the friendship? On the Micro and the Magnum version of the show, Dan chats with Dr. Wednesday Martin, author of Untrue, about women’s libido, how it really works, and how our culture’s misunderstanding harms relationships. A group of folks were disparaging “outie vaginas” at a party. One of the women there got awfully quiet. Did they offend her? Is this the equivalent of making fun of itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny penises?


Wednesday Martin