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The Benefits of Bush.

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Thongs! They are so sexy! But when used as a face mask at the hardware store, what then? A woman has been dating a guy for a few months. He has one of those giant penises you have heard about. So there’s that. But he is also saying some troubling, racist and sexist things. So. Should she continue to see the big dick with a big dick? On the Magnum, Dan chats with women’s health expert Dr. Tami Rowen about the near ubiquitous practice of pubic hair grooming. Why are so many women bush-whacking? Are there any benefits to leaving your “down there” hair alone? And, a man (with a lovely Irish accent) wants to have kids with his girlfriend, but doesn’t want to live with her. Is there a way to maintain a relationship and co-parent from two separate houses?


Dr. Tami Rowen