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On asking your friend for sperm. With Diana Adams, esq.

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He took part in the Moderna vaccine trial, which puts him at the front of the line to get his shot. But he’s a young, healthy man who works from home. Should he wait, lest he deny someone who needs it more than him? A woman starting a new relationship used to have an eating disorder that damaged her heart to such an extent that she gets easily winded. What should she say if her new man wants to go mountain climbing? On the Magnum, Dan chats with our favorite lawyer, Diana Adams, about asking your pal to donate his sperm so you and your girlfriend can have a little, bitty baby. Also, they discuss the unholy coupling of poly-minded person with a monogamy-minded person. It’s hard! And, a gay man wants an erotic pen-pal relationship like in days of old. Are there any gentlemen out there who would like to use their quills to tickle his fancy?


Diana Adams