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Dr. Jen Gunter on Recurrent UTIs.

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Welcome to the sisterhood! A trans woman got aggressively propositioned by one of the men in her macho friend group. Another one slut-shamed her after she posted a bikini pic on Insta. Wait. Men are pigs??? You may recall, a couple weeks ago we heard from a woman with recurrent UTIs. We got flooded with responses from women who have also suffered, with a wide variety of recommendations. Some sounded a little…iffy. So we brought on Dr. Jen Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible to address this. Listen in to hear what the current medical science has to offer. On the Magnum, a woman would like to date someone who isn’t a broke-ass man, for once. But she isn’t a gold-digger either. She and Dan chat about how to thread this needle. And, a married woman doesn’t understand how you can live with someone, see them act like a slob, smell their farts, and still be attracted to them. Does she need to live in a separate house?


Dr. Jen Gunter