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With Erika Moen & Matt Nolan.

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Gather round. Hear the cautionary tale of the gaslighting vibrator thief. It’s tough out there for a male gynecologist. A man in his Ob Gyn residency asks for tips on giving exams that put his patients at ease. Dan brings on Dr. Ian Fields, Assistant Program Director for the OBGYN residency at OHSU to discuss being a man in the mix. On the Magnum, our beloved, longstanding guest cartoonist/sex toy expert Erika Moen is on with her partner Matt Nolan to talk about their new book for teens: Let’s Talk about It: A Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships and being a Human. It’s fabulous, and if you have or are a teen, you are COMMANDED to buy it. And, rejoice! We have a new sexuality! “Freysexual.” What’s that, you ask? Why it’s someone who is attracted to people until they get to know them better. Are you a freysexual? ARE YOU?


Erika Moen