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Evangelicals and “Sex Addiction.”

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In our opening Sexcess story, a very delightful woman in her 60s has discovered that one wee edible before sex can yield untold orgasms. A gay man has discovered that he enjoys voyeurism and exhibitionism. But how can these be acted out ethically? On the Magnum, Dan talks with Kelsy Burke, a sociologist who studies the intersection of sex and religion. They talk about the recent Atlanta murders of sex workers, and how the Evangelical Christian conception of “sex addiction” may have warped the killer’s mind. And, everybody is looking forward to the slammin’ bachelorette party in Las Vegas this May! But one of the pals has no intention of getting vaccinated. This makes some of the gals nervous. Should the bride-to-be confront her anti-vax friend and issue an ultimatum? Or should she take the…gamble?


Kelsy Burke