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Problematic Fantasies, with Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

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Sometimes the “happy ending” in an erotic massage can go both ways. Our caller enjoyed orally pleasuring his masseuse so much that he wants to continue the relationship outside the parlor. What is the proper etiquette in asking out an erotic massage practitioner? (Sorry LMTs! We know you don’t want to hear ANY of this…) A married woman discovered a gif of jiggly boobs with her sister’s face superimposed over them. Where did she see this? On her husband’s computer of course. So now what? On the Magnum, a proud, strong feminist woman has rape fantasies that flood her with shame. Dan brings on Dr. Justin Lehmiller, author of Tell Me What You Want, to unpack the origins and nature of problematic fantasies. And, somewhere in the deep South, a bisexual man wants ungodly things done to him…


Dr. Justin Lehmiller