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America’s new post-pandemic sex life: With Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

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Our opening “Sexcess” story features a woman who discovered she’s natural born pegger. After some initial reticence, now her man begs for it.

A gay man has a fraught relationship with his parents. He visits them, but they don’t visit him. He learned recently that he has Aspergers Syndrome, and also that his family thinks he’s an asshole. So, with his newly understood diagnosis, does he owe them an apology? Or are his parents the assholes here?

On the Magnum, Dan interviews one of our favorite guests, Dr. Justin Lehmiller about how sexual behaviors have changed during the pandemic. Covid’s silver lining? Americans are trying butt stuff!

And, after a blindfolded anonymous scene from an app hook-up, the caller realized that he recognized his lover as an acquaintance. Now what? Should he tell him?


Dr. Justin Lehmiller