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Good Doggie!

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A woman and her husband recently had their wedding celebration. She gave him the full hall pass to go party down with his pals and bring in some sex workers. She stayed home with her gal pals. Now, she wants to exact SEX REVENGE, and have a dalliance herself. Is this so wrong?

A newly out lesbian wants to get a dyke haircut. But she doesn’t want to be a walking lesbian cliche´. Walking lesbian cliche´ Tracey Cataldo, a.k.a. Dan’s “Mean Lesbian Boss” (and we really mean it, you should see her on her motorcycle,) is on to talk this lady into chopping those locks. Own it girl!

On the Magnum, a caller answered an ad from someone who wants to be trained as a dog. The fearless caller is game, but has only trained 4 legged dogs, never the human kind. Dan brings on Amp from the Watt’s the Safeword YouTube channel, to explain the joy of puppy play. A delight!

And, hi neighbor! A woman has just built a house right next to a gay couple. Her 5 year-old’s room offers a clear view of the neighbors’ hot tub, complete with floating sex toys. Just how awkward of a conversation is in store for them?