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A group of friends get together regularly and do molly together. But there’s one dude in the group who gets a little too touchy feely with the women, asking if can touch them in…intimate ways. How can they tell him to knock it off without ruining the groovy vibe?

A bisexual teenaged boy can’t come during sex. He can get there when he masturbates. But for some reason he can’t close the deal with others. Why? What can he do?

On the Magnum, Dan and comedian Judy Gold from the Kill Me Now podcast answer some questions together. They discuss the faces we make during sex, finding your large girlfriend unattractive, and what to do when you’re jealous of your inconsiderate roommate, who also happens to be your ex. Thorny problems all!

And speaking of roommates, a woman has moved in with her wonderful, perfect-in-every-way boyfriend. Except! He also lives with his unpleasant, difficult mother. It’s a package deal, and the caller is miserable. Must she move out? 

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Judy Gold