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Homo Takeover with Willam & Alaska from Hot Goss!

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Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to the homo takeover! We’re focusing on queers exclusively this week, so MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, breeders. 

A newly sober lesbian wonders if it’s normal to get SUPER-HORNY when you quit booze. Or is she #blessed?

How are you supposed to live your life when you are an ex-marine, macho, rural, hunter bro and also…bisexual? He knows he should be out, but worries he won’t be able to find women to date who would be cool with it. 

Next, we crank the queer dial up to a billion with our guests Alaska & Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Their podcast, Race Chaser and the Savage Lovecast were made to smash together in this unholy alliance. The queens answer some listenersquestions, and generally dish it up. 

On the Magnum, some people of a certain age have a bad reaction to the word queer.This gay man was tormented by the word when he was growing up. Dan chats with him in a deep dive convo about the history of the words we use for “gay,”  how they change over the years, and how LGBTQ folk will manage to rip the teeth and fangs out of every insult, every time.


Alaska & Willam