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Vibing with Laura Kipnis

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A woman with teenaged kids has started seeing a man she’s known for a decade. It’s a dom/sub relationship, where she is the dom. Part of their arrangement is that she gets to date other people and he does not. She has always been transparent and open with her kids, but she hasn’t told them about this new relationship. Should she?

A man has decided he never wants to bring kids into the world. But he’s eager to adopt and have a family. How and when can he explain this on his dating profiles?

On the Magnum, our guest is Laura Kipness- author of “Love in the Time of Contagion.”  The two talk about everything under the sun, including polyamory, relationship anarchy, power as an aphrodisiac, the perversity of being confined during covid times and much more. 

And, Dan councils a woman whose father is a big ole cheater. He got caught kissing a woman at a bar by the caller and then lied about it to the whole family. His wife is disabled and needs a lot of care. The caller doesn’t want to butt in on her parents’ sex life, but does dad need to be so careless? 


Laura Kipnis



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