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Rethinking Sex, with Christine Emba

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A gay man discovered that his friend had a nude photo of him on his phone. The caller had asked him to take the picture so he could edit it and send it to another dude. But the friend kept the pic for himself and sent it to other people without the caller’s knowledge or consent. So. Can they still be friends? How bad is this?

A queer woman has been on 2 dates with a gal, and they are getting along really well. The caller did a deep internet search and discovered that her date is in fact trans. Not only had the woman not disclosed this, but she volunteered that she was cis, and talked about having period cramps in her youth. Lies? Why would she lie? The caller is very game to date a trans woman. How should she proceed? 

Our guest this week is Christine Emba, author of “Rethinking Sex: A Provocation.” And Dan was indeed provoked! They discuss her critique of sex culture in which attaining consent is considered a high bar to clear when in fact it is the very lowest bar. Choking? Sadism? What is wrong with us? They talk about kink-shaming, Armie Hammer, how to avoid terrible people and much more. A little is on the Micro, the whole fascinating thing is on the Magnum.

And, a bisexual man and his wife have begun a wonderful triad with another bi man. But they have a 9 year-old daughter who will eventually catch on that mommy and daddy’s new friend is more than a friend. Should they tell her and get out in front of it before she thinks one of them is cheating?


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