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With Anna Sale!

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Mazel tov, you’re a new daddy! And by “daddy” we mean a queer, dirty-talkin’, older dom. A newly single bi man in his 40s suddenly finds himself with a bevy of young men who want him to play this role, and he doesn’t know where to begin. 

More semen please! A man wants to know if the various foods and supplements that promise to increase semen volume really work. 

On the Magnum, you should have seen the Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth™ scurry around when we found out that Anna Sale was coming on the show. The host of Death, Sex & Money has a new podcast all about erectile dysfunction called HARD, so Dan chatted with her about ED and Viagra and much more. Unsurprisingly, Anna Sale was a delight. 

And, can cis people use the term “dead-naming?” The caller saw a YouTuber complaining that some people in a bar had called out the name they read from his driver’s license. He now uses his slick YouTube handle and accused the bartender of “dead-naming” him. But isn’t this term specifically for people who use a trans person’s former name?


Anna Sale



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