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England has Sex Scandals Too!

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“Help! I’m trapped with my very nice in-laws! “ An introverted woman loves her husband’s family dearly. But when they all descend on her house and stay for weeks with their kids and their dinners and their constant togetherness, she loses her mind. How can she carve out a little alone time without offending the herd? 

A lesbian connected with a super-hottie bisexual. They planned to hook up, but the hottie asked if they could get some video or pics and show to her boyfriend to turn him on/make him jealous. As a lesbian, the caller recoils at the idea of providing “content” for some man. She and Dan discuss the matter. You get to hear their conversation.

We have two guests for you this week. Did you know that England has sex scandals too? They do! Rachel Cunliffe, the Senior Associate Editor of the New Statesman, is on to talk about the naughty MP Neil Parish who resigned after he was discovered watching porn on the crowded House of Commons floor. 

And on the Magnum, Dan chats with Searah Deysach from Chicago’s Early to Bed, about finding the elusive  silent vibrator.

Finally, a man hooked up with a guy who bragged about some of his exhibitionist exploits. Would you like to hear what they were? You’ll have to listen to find out. But, the caller is worried that this man will get in trouble, or be seen by a child or other non-consenting person. Is he a prude to cut off relations at this point? 

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Rachel Cunliffe Searah Deysach


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