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With Jamie Barton and David Drake

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A gay Irishman had a terribly unpleasant experience, when the man he was screwing twerked and gyrated until it felt like his dick was about to fall off. Is this a thing that’s happening? Or only on the Emerald Isle? 

A singer is worried that rough oral sex could harm her vocal cords. But she shouldn’t worry because Dan somehow roped in Jamie Barton, a very delightful mezzo-soprano opera singer to offer her professional reassurance. 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with former ugly duckling, current total hottie comedian David Drake. They talk about mining your personal life for comedic material, and whether getting jacked at a massage parlor constitutes cheating. Fun!

And, a caller is convinced that some bad actors are hiding behind the poly label to justify cheating. Is she right? She just might be right!

(She’s right. )

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