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Let’s learn about monkeypox!

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Look out, it’s a nibbler! A woman hates the way her new boyfriend kisses her. He nibbles on her lips even though she tells him to knock it off. Is this a worthy reason to dump him? 

A married gay man and his husband are newly polyamorous. But the caller wants absolutely nothing to do with his husband’s boyfriend. The boyfriend keeps making friendly overtures, like inviting the caller to parties. Can the caller maintain a social wall keeping invaders out? Should he? 

On the Magnum, learn a thing or two about monkeypox with Dr. Ina Park. Dr. Park, author of Strange Bedfellows: Adventures in the Science, History and Surprising Secrets of STDs, explains how and why this new virus is something for gay men to pay particular attention to. 

Meanwhile, a mid 50s woman keeps scoring and getting ghosted by much younger men. Is there something she’s doing wrong? Or right? 


Dr. Ina Park



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