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Dumped! By Text! With Allison Goldberg.

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Family drama ahoy! A married man is in a carefully constructed open relationship. But when his wife’s sister found out about it, she went ballistic and told the whole family. Now the caller is cut off from his in-laws, and never gets to see them. He and his wife are buying a house, and his in-laws want to pop over and check it out. Should he leave for a few hours and let them in? 

A queer woman has a crush on her tattoo artist. She knows the crush is in an open relationship, and that their partner is hot too. Would it be too forward to propose a three-way? 

On the Magnum, have you ever been broken up with via text? Have you ever dumped someone that way? Dan brings on comedian Allison Goldberg, creator of “How to Break Up By Text” to talk about this modern etiquette  crisis. 

A gay man is in a happy relationship with his older boyfriend. But oh how he misses the orgies. His boyfriend isn’t interested in apps or bathhouses, or any such thing. He’s willing to pick someone up in a bar, but since they are both homebodies, it’s unlikely to happen. Is it ultimatum time?


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