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Ejaculate Responsibly with Gabrielle Blair.

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Ok, here’s the problem: She gets too wet. She only recently learned how to orgasm, and now she’s making up for lost time. But her skilled boyfriend needs a little more…friction. What can they do?

A gay man got an anonymous text saying that a friend of his is a rapist and a predator. This friend has never showed any sign of such evil behavior. The caller is torn between believing victims and trusting his friend. 

On the Magnum, in the birth control/abortion feuds, we’ve been getting it all wrong. We should stop focusing on ovulation and target ejaculation. Gabrille Blair who wrote Ejaculate Responsibly after a tweet went viral, talks about how impractical and unfair our current thinking is. And this Mormon mother of 6 does know a thing or two about birth control…

And, a man’s girlfriend of 7 short months, announced that she just might be NB or even trans, but she isn’t sure. When the caller told her he is only attracted to women, she took it back just to save the relationship. But he can’t unhear what she told him and now he wonders if he should break up. 


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