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Tackling grief with humor: Jason Roeder of “Griefstrike.”

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Happy New Year dear listeners! 

Things are starting off great! A listener discovered an old journal left behind from her newly ex-boyfriend. It contained erotic fantasies about a previous girlfriend’s…daughters. So, the conundrum: Should the caller tell his ex about his written fantasies? Should she burn it and forget the whole thing? Or calmly hand it back, looking him squarely in the eye? 

Dan couldn’t resist chatting with porn star Leo Louis because he digs guys who look like Janice from the Muppets. 

On the Magnum, Dan speaks with Jason Roeder, a former senior editor at The Onion. His new book, “Griefstrike: The Ultimate Guide To Mourning”- is a very funny book about grief. They talked about grieving conventions and advised a listener with a wrenching quandary.

And, two women are each dating stinky men. These fellas refuse to use products to mitigate the powerful waft. How can they make their deodorant-discordant relationships work? 


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