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Emily Post’s Awesome Great, Great Grand-Children.

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A trans man has heard that desperate straight men have been scouring Grindr looking for trans men because they will accept any vagina at all. Is it true? How can he weed out these unscrupulous, horny cads?

As a woman from Texas was researching how to obtain a medical abortion, a scammy, stealth anti-abortion “pregnancy crisis counseling clinic” came up on Google. And even worse, it’s the center where her mother works. Now the caller doesn’t know whether to tell her mother she had the abortion, or how to maintain a peaceful relationship with her.

On the Magnum, we welcome the great, great grandchildren of Emily Post! Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning are carrying on the family tradition with the Awesome Etiquette Podcast and the Centennial Edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette. So what on earth are they doing on the Savage Lovecast? Why, they answer questions about chastity cages of course! They are delightful, as you will find out when you listen.

And, he has tried to break up with her. Really he has. But she physically puts her body between him and the door. So, now that he is watching her cats while she’s gone, should he boogie real quick?


Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning



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