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With Mistress Matisse and sex researcher Dr. Lori Brotto.

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Have you ever been to a terribly complicated orgy? This one promises to be epic. Hear about the game they invented called “Spin the Bottom.” 

A trans woman has started feeling claustrophobic when she goes down on either her male or female partner. Oral is her favorite! What gives? 

On the Magnum and the Micro, Dan welcomes professor and sex researcher Dr. Lori Botto to talk about the nature of asexuality. Is it mutable? Can you be in a relationship if you’re ace? 

On the Magnum, Mistress Matisse is back to help answer some general sex worker questions: a woman is planning a three-way with a sex worker. Should she warn the sex worker that she’s a big ole squirter? A man with sex work in his past isn’t sure how to roll this history out to potential partners. And, how can you achieve poppin’ nips like the strippers have? Matisse handles it all with eloquence and grace. 


Mistress Matisse Dr. Lori Brotto



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