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With comedian/writer Zach Zimmerman

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Is it feasible to start your pro-Domme career at age 43? This married woman with kids wants to get back in the life. 

A lesbian is married to a woman with a Catholic upbringing and actively religious family. They live in a country where they have to pay dues to the church. When her wife goes to Catholic ceremonies like baptisms and funerals, the caller feels white hot fury. Should she let her wife go with the conservative flow, or fight it? Dan’s answer…may shock you. 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with comedian and writer Zach Zimmerman about threesomes as gay privilege, sleeping (or flirting) with your landlord and whether posthumous outing is ok. 

Also, you Magnum subs will learn a little something VERY personal about Dan Savage. 


Zach Zimmerman



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