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Feel the compersion with Dr. Marie Thouin

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They are a butch, gender-queer AFAB, kinky pervert. As such, they love going to sex parties. Their boyfriend meanwhile, is straight, vanilla and family oriented. Their relationship is open, and he’s found a lass he wants to bone down with. But the caller doesn’t want him to! It’s a complicated situation, and Dan is here to help. 

Next up, Dan chats with a caller whose new dom demands that she shave off all her body hair for an erotic “inspection.” But she’s a feminist and has issues with this request. Should she do it? Did she do it? Hear their convo and find out. 

On the Magnum, have you heard of “compersion?”  Our spell check program sure hasn’t! It comes to us straight from poly-land. It’s “the positive emotion one feels when one sees their partner with another person.” Our guest this week is Dr. Marie Thouin, an expert on the concept. She and Dan discuss how compersion and jealousy can coexist, how it differs from cuckolding, and how long until San Fransisco is one giant polycule?

Finally, a woman is in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy and the sex is getting weird. What changes can they make to improve their sex life?


Dr. Marie Thouin



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