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When Your Friend Drunkenly Hits on You.

On the Magnum: Meet the Vixens from Shameless Sex!

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When drunk friends pounce! A happily married, monogamous man went to a concert with his gal pal. But she arrived so drunk, staggering around and embarrassing herself, that he had to bundle her in a car and get her home. But she made sloppy moves on him, and although it’s been a long time, he can’t let it go or fully forgive her. Should he confront her? Will she even remember?

A man has been hanging out with and flirting with a woman, letting the sexual tension build. But he and his ex are beginning to talk again, and he thinks they will get back together. How can he tell his friend/crush to cool her jets when nothing has even been acknowledged?

On the Magnum: Ah the perils of being in the “sex space.” People think that because you write or podcast about sex that you’re down for anything with anyone. Dan and April & Amy from “Shameless Sex” had a LOT to talk about. Like, why step-porn can be empowering for women, why cuddle puddles aren’t for everyone and, hear the odd tale of the choking masseuse.
Read their book!

Shameless Sex: Choose Your Own Pleasure Path to Unlock the Sex Life You’ve Been Waiting For.

And, a woman’s husband confessed that he had cheated on her a few times before they got married. Now they are open, and she gets way more action than he does. But she’s still angry that he cheated on her long ago. Is this an relationship extinction level event? Or can she just write it off already?

Angie & Dave’s Book List:

Hello Cruel World, Kate Bornstein

Gender Workbook, Kate Bornstein

Stay Solid: Radical Handbook for Youth, Matt Hern

How to Have Feminist Sex, Flo Perry

Drawn to Sex: The Basics, Erica Moen & Matthew Nolan

Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health, Erica Moen & Matthew Nolan

Let’s Talk About It, Erica Moen & Matthew Nolan

Getting Free: a Handbook for Women in Abusive Relationships, Ginny NiCarthy

Date Rape Prevention Book, Scott Lindquist

Because it Feels Good, Debby Herbenick

Getting Off Pornography and the End of Masculinity, Robert Jensen

How to Understand Your Sexuality, Meg-John Barker & Alex Iantaffi

Read My Lips, Debbie herbenick & Vanessa Schick

Sex for Beginners, Errol Selkirk

Yes Means Yes, Jaclyn Friedman & Jessica Valenti

How To Be an Adult in Relationships, David Richo

Come As You Are, Emily Nagoski

The Come As You Are Workbook, Emily Nagoski

She Comes First, Ian Kerner

Real Talk About Sex and Consent, Cheryl Bradshaw

Ejaculate Responsibly, Gabriel Blair

Consensuality, Hellen Wildfell

Learning Good Consent, Cindy Crabb

Support, Cindy Crabb

Relationshipping, Faith Harper


Amy Baldwin & April Lampert from Shameless Sex



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