Struggle Session: Predatory Preachers, Deleterious Dating Apps, Ass Toys of the Ancients, Muppet-Faced Thai Actor Boys and More!

Hey there, Magnum Subs! Welcome to this week’s Struggle Session. Thank you for your comments, your emails, your DMs, and — this week — your YouTube links to insanely hot trailers for insanely gay Thai television shows starring insanely hot actors. Let’s get to it… Andy emailed me about my opening rant on last week’s … Read More »

Struggle Session: Waiting On PIV, Getting Into Pegging, My Biphobic Garbage, An Update From a Caller, and More…

Welcome to Struggle Session, my weekly back-and-forth-and-back-again with Savage Love readers and Savage Lovecast listeners! Laura wasn’t sure where to leave this comment — about a recent Lovecast caller’s concerns — so she dropped it into the comment thread on last week’s Struggle Session, which was the perfect place to leave it… Not sure this … Read More »

Struggle Session: Divorce Is an Option, Chatbots Are a Puzzle, Asses Are for Feasting

I’m thinking about retiring “Reader Roundup,” which sounds a little sinister (cops roundup suspects, cowboys roundup cattle), and going with “Struggle Session” instead. What do you guys think? After reading my advice for Close To Doing This in this week’s Savage Love (or was it ChatGPT’s advice?!?)—CTDT is a married man whose wife won’t fuck him, … Read More »