The Sexiest Haircut

Getting a haircut is boring! Unless. Unless your hairstylist strokes your neck, pulls your hair, talks dirty to you and asks if you wanna fool around. A straight man was walking home late at night when a drunk man demanded to know if he was a [homosexual gentleman]. In a moment of improvised solidarity, the … Read More »

The Plight of the Long-Haired Homo

Dan takes on a couple of heavy calls this week- A woman learned that her ex-boyfriend of 8 years was convicted on child pornography charges. He will almost certainly go to prison. He was once her fiancé. Rough stuff. Then, Dan helps a woman make the heart-breaking choice between a single or a double mastectomy. … Read More »

“My boyfriend’s son is stealing my underpants.”

Yikes! Her boyfriend’s pre-teen son has been stealing her underwear. This very naughty lad lives with them half the time. How can she get this boundary violation out of her head? 12 long years ago, he cheated on his wife. They got through it with therapy and endless processing. While watching TV with their kids … Read More »

Tea-Bagging Semantics

A lesbian has befriended a married lesbian couple. She thinks they’re both hot, and in various light-hearted conversations, they said they were open to group sex. But were they serious? Should the caller proposition them? When a woman was 17, she connected with a 24 year-old man, and began a fraught relationship full of sex, … Read More »

Sex & Politics #30 Diana Adams

For this Sex & Politics, Dan brings back Diana Adams, lawyer and legal advocate for queer and poly communities. Diana is the Executive Director of Chosen Family Law Center, a nonprofit providing free legal representation for low-income LGBTQIA+ families, asylum seekers, and trans communities in NY, and national legislative advocacy for LGBTQIA+, polyamorous, and non-nuclear … Read More »

Wet & Messy

Her man used to enjoy chewing tobacco, and it messed up his teeth. He has quit at her behest, but now he really needs to see a dentist. She doesn’t want to shame him for his nasty mouth, but she also doesn’t want to kiss him. How can she gently guide him into a dentists … Read More »

Sweaty Parties and Sex Dolls

When you throw a sweaty, sexy party, and most of the guests have left, except for your girlfriend and her ex, and this ex offers to suck your dick, saying his current girlfriend won’t mind a bit, should you take his word for it? A woman has met a new guy and likes him a … Read More »

When your partner wants to see…or be… a sex worker.

A woman’s party fell apart when her good-looking friend flirted with all the men and then led them away to a club. Was this a competitive power move? What kind of friend is this? Expiration dates! You wouldn’t drink old milk. Is it equally dangerous to use lube past its time? On the Magnum, Dan … Read More »

Interview with the Financial Dominatrix

A woman has been enjoying an insertable vibrator that can be controlled by her partner. Whee! But she worries that if she wears it out in public, it constitutes a consent violation for the unwitting baristas who don’t know why her eyes are crossing all of a sudden. On both the Micro and the Magnum, … Read More »

Sex & Politics #29: Tim Miller

For this very special April 20th episode of Sex & Politics, Dan speaks with Republican apostate and charming podcaster Tim Miller, about the importance of voting blue (for you know who) this coming November. A second Trump presidency would just be too harsh of a toke. And, to fulfill the “sex ” part of “Sex … Read More »