Men and Feet.

Why is it always men that are into foot fetishes? And speaking of feet, a woman has a pair of fetish shoes that no longer fit. She wants to make sure they go to a loving home, but how? Our guest this week is Peter McGraw, author of “Solo: Building a Remarkable Life of your … Read More »

Sex & Politics #27 with Tim Miller

On this episode of Sex & Politics, Dan Savage and Republican apostate Tim Miller, take a cold, hard look at this dreadful election cycle. As you may recall, Tim Miller was a communications director for the Jeb Bush 2016 presidential campaign, and subsequently, saw the light, and became an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. With … Read More »

You wanna do WHAT on our wedding night??!!

A hearty Valentine’s Day to all of you freaky, perverted, lovelorn wretches. We begin the show with a humdinger of a call from a man whose wedding night is shaping up to be very special indeed. A married woman shares a phone with her husband. She notices that the ads served on his Instagram feed … Read More »

With Ezra Klein.

We are still shocked that Ezra Klein (of the NYT and the Ezra Klein Show) agreed to come on our smutty little podcast. They talked about Ezra’s time as a monogamous straight man embedded in San Fransisco’s polyamorous culture. They compare the current NYC hipster version of the poly scene vs San Fransisco’s meld of … Read More »

“Enough with the poly!”

“Enough with the poly! ” Or so says this gay man, who is sick of being disrespected by his boyfriend catting around, acting like a no-good cad and using polyamory as a shield. Meanwhile, can’t a homo in the rural West have nice, no-strings-attached hook-ups anymore? All the men he meets want to get married … Read More »

Sex & Politics #26: Kat Rosenfield

Today on Sex & Politics, Dan welcomes writer, columnist and podcaster, Kat Rosenfield. They talk about her piece in Reason Magazine about the “Trad Wife” TikTok phenomenon. Are they just kinky subs? Or girl bosses? They also go into the Tumblr-fueled explosion of identities that happened in 2014, and the case FOR a sexual revolution. … Read More »

Interview with the Adult Baby

A man’s wife had to quit drinking due to a medical condition. They used to get tipsy and have wild sex. Now that she can’t drink the sex has become rote and inhibited. They plan to go on vacation together, but the caller feels that if they can’t have their free-wheeling sex, he doesn’t want … Read More »

Clean the Fridge, Worm!

A gay man’s best friend has such a devastating crush on him, that they can’t be friends anymore. The caller begged him to try to get over it. But crushes are crushing. Is there anything this (platonically) jilted caller can do? Here’s the scenario: A straight, divorced woman starting dating a *wonderful* man, and they … Read More »

Perving Gym Dudes.

Happy Feast of the Ass for all who celebrate! A gay man is fed up with the guys who try to use the gym as their personal hook-up site. When the leering moves into harassment, should he tell management? Or is this just to be expected in gay male spaces? A recently divorced straight man … Read More »

Beer Can Blues.

A German lesbian was propositioned by a younger grad student. (This sounds like a porno but it’s not.) The grad student was raised in a conservative environment, and it’s the first time she’s ever spoken of her female attraction. They only have a month before they both move away. Should the caller get down with … Read More »