With actor/comedian Paul Scheer

What is up with using the word “cuck” as an insult? Has it replaced “faggot” as the slur of choice? A man has been dating a woman for a few months. He feels they could have long term potential, even with the possibility of children. But! He doesn’t feel a chemical attraction to her pussy … Read More »

Jinkx Monsoon has a message for straight allies.

For the stout of heart, if you dare, hear the tale of shibari bondage gone wrong.   A woman had a nice date with a man she suspects is very short. Then he kind of ghosted her. Should she tell him that she doesn’t care about his height?  Drag mega-star Jinkx Monsoon joins Dan in … Read More »

Butt talk ahoy! With Dr. Evan Goldstein.

A woman masturbates in her sleep. Although she’s currently single, she worries about times when she has to share a room with family or friends. Should she warn them?  A woman’s sister plans to gallivant off to Texas to meet an online lover for the first time, on his rural cattle ranch, for some no-strings-attached … Read More »

Sex & Politics #18: James Kirchick on Armie Hammer

For this episode of Sex & Politics, Dan brings back writer and podcaster James Kirchick to talk about his interview with Armie Hammer. This is the first interview Hammer has granted after being accused — more than two years ago — of rape, sexual violence, and having cannibalistic fantasies. While there’s an open investigation into … Read More »

A squirting mystery.

How do you organize a sex party with your pals- without it being awkward?  Meanwhile, a woman asked her male friend to join her at a swingers hotel takeover. But she has a crush on him, and now regrets asking him to go. Should she bow out?  On the Magnum, sometimes you need a pelvic … Read More »

A very poly Valentine’s Day with Diana Adams

A woman has been with her boyfriend for 4 years. He is so wonderful! But…he doesn’t bother to give her orgasms. He has all the orgasms! As many as he wants. Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm. He won’t do anything to get her there. Has she talked to him about this? Yes! She has! He doesn’t care. … Read More »

How to Talk Gay With Zach Noe Towers

Your place or mine? A recently divorced woman wants to sleep around. Is it safer to have  men come to her house, or should she go to theirs? A married man remembers a fling he had decades ago. But it’s a bit of a blur. They were drinking, but he vaguely remembers not wearing a … Read More »

With Damona Hoffman of “Dates & Mates.”

A tortured, indecisive woman is on the fence about whether to continue her relationship with her husband of 11 years. Every day she wakes up wondering, “Is this right?” Is this normal?  Hear the cautionary tale of the professional cuddler in an ethically non-monogamous relationship with a would-be dom and his much, much younger co-worker. … Read More »

Sex & Politics: Sexy, Sexy Ancient Egyptians

For this Sex & Politics, Dan nerds out with archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Sarah Parcak. They snoop into the sex lives of ancient Egyptians, discovering a pair of gay mummies, ancient contraception techniques and the truth about Cleopatra.