Ass Worship and Sober Sex. Guest: Tawny Lara.

We start the show with two ass-tastic calls! A domme woman has a pet boy who wants to eat things out of her butt. He suggests licorice. Any ideas for safe food items to be served out the back? And, another woman jokingly asked her husband to eat the dried mango slices he so adores … Read More »

Addicted to Anal: With magnum guest Claire Perelman

A transman is under deep cover in his hostile, misogynistic, anti-queer work environment. And what’s more, one of his co-workers is probably a closet case who has a crush on the caller! Complicated! Dangerous! A straight man has become dependent on anal sex in order to come. Did porn hijack his erotic life? His previous … Read More »

Sex & Politics #22: Blaise Agüera y Arcas

We were delighted to bring back pointy headed AI researcher Blaise Agüera y Arcas. The last time he and Dan chatted it was about the coming of the sex robots. Today, they chat about human sexuality. In his new book “Who Are We Now?,” Agüera y Arcas took on an ambitious survey of thousands of … Read More »

Meet Shallelujah, the sexy-voiced, bisexual gamer.

A woman hooked up with a seemingly nice guy. She asked him to wear a condom, and he said he did. But after he left, she couldn’t find evidence of the condom- no wrapper, nothing. Did he stealth her? Should she call him and ask?  Ureaplasma: What’s this fresh new STI? Dan is stumped, so … Read More »

When Dads Overshare.

“Goodbye son, I’m off to Kink Camp!” A gay caller’s dad got divorced, came out as poly, and won’t shut up about it. He introduces the caller to all the girlfriends and brags about his various exploits. Our poor caller doesn’t want to hear the various details. How can he set some reasonable boundaries with … Read More »