Sex & Politics #15: Chris Geidner

Dan welcomes Chris Geidner- legal journalist of Grid News, MSNBC and Law Dork, to discuss the latest batshittery coming from the conservative Christian U.S. Supreme Court.  The case involving 303 Creative is a potential threat not just to LGBT rights, but to all of us and our civil liberties. Geidner has been following the Supreme … Read More »

Chasers! With Trans Writer Evan Urquhart

A gay man seeks out masseurs who turn out to be erotic body workers. They initiate a sexual encounter, which the caller enjoys very much. But is it wrong to see them? And why do they recoil when he tries to touch them? Night Terror! A woman had a great time with a dom who … Read More »

“Heart of the Dominatrix” with Inanna Justice

Her new boyfriend has been caught in an extortionist’s web. He wanked to a woman’s video online and she sent him and the caller video, threatening to send it far and wide if he didn’t pay her. Now the caller is wondering if this is just how the ride is gonna be with this guy.  … Read More »

Sex & Politics #14: Tim Miller

Gather round all ye politicos, and revel in this conversation between Dan Savage and former Republican, now apostate pundit Tim Miller. As one-time insider of the Republican Party, Miller’s insights are truly delicious.  They talk about the mid-terms, the world of hurt Kevin McCarthy faces with his slim majority packed with literal lunatics, and whether … Read More »

With Ben Dreyfuss

She used to masturbate as often as 20 times in day. But after getting on medication for depression, her libido crashed. She’s off the meds now, but still hasn’t regained her mojo. How can she recover her lost sex drive?  A woman went to a sex club with her husband for the first time. It … Read More »

Sex & Politics #13: Rachel Cunliffe

For this episode of Sex & Politics we take a needed break from U.S. politics and journey to merry old England. Dan brought on our UK correspondent, Rachel Cunliffe (of The New Statesman,) to talk about Lady Di, the under-appreciated romance of Charles and Camilla, Brexit, some tee-vee show called “The Crown,” step-parenting, and of … Read More »

Ejaculate Responsibly with Gabrielle Blair.

Ok, here’s the problem: She gets too wet. She only recently learned how to orgasm, and now she’s making up for lost time. But her skilled boyfriend needs a little more…friction. What can they do? A gay man got an anonymous text saying that a friend of his is a rapist and a predator. This … Read More »

Dumped! By Text! With Allison Goldberg.

Family drama ahoy! A married man is in a carefully constructed open relationship. But when his wife’s sister found out about it, she went ballistic and told the whole family. Now the caller is cut off from his in-laws, and never gets to see them. He and his wife are buying a house, and his … Read More »

Sex & Politics #12: James Kirchick

Alright students, put your desks in a circle- it’s history lesson time! Dan welcomes James Kirchick, author of Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington to talk about the Lavender Scare, and other horrifying ways gay people have been persecuted in this country. Fun fact: gay people were banned from working in the federal … Read More »