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Welcome to Season 16 of the Savage Lovecast! This Magnum season has 26 episodes, from October 22 through April 22. Click the Season Subscription button to get yours. On this week’s Magnum, Dan interviews Jesse Bering, author of “Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us.” They discuss finding the right porn, spanking, “every-sexuals,” exhibitionism, and amputee fetishists, all while undergoing an experiment in auto-unerotic asphyxiation. Diapers not included. Also on the Magnum, a woman suspects she was filmed during sex. What legal recourse does she have? On the Micro version: An out gay man is accused of being “straight acting,” even though he’s comfortable with his homosexuality. But, he’s attracted to straight guys. How can he meet other guys just like him, and does he have some internalized homophobia to work through? Also, Dan reveals his tried and true tips for overcoming fear of flying.


Jesse Bering