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All Hail Cameron Esposito!

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At the top of the show, Dan speaks with a clever lass with a foolproof plan to ensure the defeat of Canada‚Äôs dreadful Stephen Harper. A man is very close to an old childhood friend. Although they have always had a platonic relationship, his girlfriend of 6 months is beginning to freak out. If he attended a wedding as his pal’s plus-one, would that be crossing a line? A woman’s new boyfriend told her he’s into cuckolding. But how soon is too soon to indulge this complicated fetish? A self-professed sex addict jerks it so hard and so often that he has a raw dick with scars to show for it. But is this really sex addiction? Dr. David Ley, author of “The Myth of Sex Addiction” begs to differ. Dan chats with that hilarious, half-mulleted lesbian Cameron Esposito! They talk about shaving down there, letting go of exes and desperate, sex-starved, pregnant straight ladies. Some of their conversation is on the Micro and the whole dang thing is on the Magnum. Cuz that’s how we hook you in. 206-302-2064


Dr. David Ley